In my years of teaching guitar I have found that some students take time off from lessons in the summertime and return in the fall. This is especially true for my younger students. Is this a good thing? While it is good to give the mind a rest, I believe that a student who is devoting time to learning the guitar (or any instrument for that matter) might actually benefit from MORE practice in the summertime. The reason I say this is simple: The summer allows the student to focus on really improving on their instrument!
Without having the daily priorities of school or homework, a diligent guitarist can take their playing to the next level. The key to learning and mastering any instrument is devoting enough time to it. The two or so months of summer allows this.
On the other hand, I find that the students who have taken time off from their guitars for the summer are the ones that I need to do the most reviewing with in the fall.
If you have any questions for me regarding guitar lessons in the summer (or any other time of year from the matter!) feel free to call me at 774-232-0667.

Joe Weinberg