I get a lot of calls from parents who want their kids to learn how to play guitar. One thing I am always asked is at “what age should my child learn how to play guitar?”.
From my experience in instructing many students of all ages I find that the best age to start is around six or seven years old. I think this is the absolute youngest a child should learn to play the guitar for a few reasons. The first being fine motor skills. Many people (kids and adults) don’t realize just how much fine dexterity is used when playing guitar until they actually start learning. While there are exceptions, generally kids younger than age six do not have the fine motor skills developed to play guitar. This is evidenced by a young child’s inability to write letters and words. Also, at around age six or seven kids start to learn how to read. Reading music is a similar process as learning how to read words. Finally, for someone younger than six I find that the concentration is not there in order to take music lessons seriously.
These observations are not absolutes, rather they are just that, observations of the people that I have taught through the years. However, these are some basic guidelines to go by when you are looking for lessons for your child.
If you live in the Metrowest area of Boston and you are interested in getting your child started with guitar lessons please call me at 774-232-0667.

Joe Weinberg